Report 2020

Economic Policy Council Report 2020

The 2020 Report of the Economic Policy Council was published on 26.1.2021. The report evaluates the economic policy over the parliamentary term 2019-2023. The topics analysed include the government’s fiscal policy, employment policy and fiscal sustainability.

Report 2020

Background reports

Essi Eerola (VATT), Teemu Lyytikäinen (VATT) and Sander Ramboer (VATT)
Macroprudential measures, household leverage and tenure choice, pdf

Joonas Ollonqvist (THL), Jussi Tervola (THL), Jukka Pirttilä (University of Helsinki) and Thor O. Thoresen (Statistics Norway)
The distributional impacts of tax-benefit policies, pdf

Johanna Niemi (University of Turku)
Debt adjustment proceedings in Finland, pdf

Sara Kinnunen (Economic Policy Council)
Personal Insolvency in Finland, pdf