Report 2021

Economic Policy Council Report 2021

The 2021 Report of the Economic Policy Council was published on 26.1.2022. The report evaluates the economic policy over the parliamentary term 2019-2023. The topics analysed include the government’s fiscal policy, employment policy, growth policies and fiscal sustainability.

Report 2021

Background reports

Matti Pohjola (Aalto university)
Tuottavuus, rakennemuutos ja talouskasvu, pdf

Päivi Puonti (ETLA)
Public debt and economic growth, pdf

Hannu Piekkola (University of Vaasa)
Innovation-driven growth policies for Finland, pdf

Otso Hao ja Henri Keränen (Economic Policy Council)
Demand Side Hysteresis in Finland – What Can We Learn from SVARs?, pdf

Sara Alhola ja Henri Keränen (Economic Policy Council)
Dynamic effects of changes in cost competitiveness, pdf